Rufus Sewell found photos of Heath Ledger on the set of Chevalier

“I thought they were definitely lost,” writes the actor before sharing these behind-the-scenes images.

This week, Heath Ledger should have turned 43. Rufus Sewellthe star actor of DarkCitywho gave him the counterpart in Knightthe medieval film by Brian Helgeland released in cinemas in 2001, has found a handful of unpublished photos of the Australian actor who tragically disappeared in 2008, at only 28 years old.

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“Yesterday (the day after his birthday), I found all my photos of Knight, does he have posted on Twitter April 6. I thought they were definitely lost.”

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He then shares his behind-the-scenes photos, in black and white, where we see the young star of the film having fun on the set, smiling at the photographer or in full concentration, just before shooting a sequence on horseback in the costume of William Thatcher, modest squire dreaming of becoming a knight. About the last, he comments: “Here’s my favorite.”

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Also worn by Bérénice Bejo and Paul Bettany, Knight is a successful medieval comedy, which plays with anachronisms of all kinds and reveals the mad charisma of its main performer, who was 21 at the time of filming. From the opening scene, the use of the Queen tube “We Will Rock You” to punctuate the setting up of a duel, immediately illustrates the idea of ​​a film playing with all the clichés of that time. Here is its trailer:

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