Russian doll: the season 2 trailer travels back in time

Russian doll season 2

Natasha Lyonne stuck in the New York subway for “a crazy trip!” Netflix teaser.

Three years later, she leaves for a ride! Natasha Lyonne will play with time again in season 2 of Russian doll and the trailer unveiled by Netflix even promises a trip down memory lane!

The pitch: “Four years after escaping the deadly time loop they were trapped in, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) are back. They will discover a fate even worse than an endless death when, crossing a portal located in one of the most emblematic places of Manhattan, they find themselves immersed in their respective pasts. If they first think of living a crazy transgenerational adventure and freeing themselves from all limits, including those of time, the duo quickly finds themselves overwhelmed by these extraordinary events and must help each other to find a way out.

Russian dollseason 2, will be available on April 20, 2022 on Netflix.

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