Ryan Reynolds explains why he doesn’t want to become a director

Ryan Reynolds explains why he doesn't want to become a director

The Deadpool and Free Guy actor doesn’t see himself directing a movie at all.

Ryan Reynolds just returned to Netflix in the family SF movie Adam through timerealized by Shawn Levywho led it recently in Free Guy. A new success in sight for the 45-year-old actor, who has been a hit since he managed to relaunch Dead Pool at 20th Century Fox: Free Guy was one of last summer’s box office hits, and its action comedy Red Noticewhich he shares with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, broke audience records on the platform. So many boxes that he also initiated as (co)producer. A way for him to control all stages of creation of his films… or almost, since he does not intend to move on to directing.

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Interviewed on this subject by Colliderthe actor recognizes that he likes to be at the origin of his projects and actively participate in their production, but he assures us in passing that he does not intend to add the director’s hat: “Frankly, I’m not interested. Telling a story, I’m interested, I like the way it takes shape. Ditto for production. And for acting. Because I find myself working with people like Shawn Levy. I don’t see why I could ever believe that I could do this myself. That would be silly. If I could do something with Shawn Levy around one day, that would be nice, but otherwise, no. I love the position I have now. I love the fact that I can work with all these people that I collaborate with. I also say to myself: ‘Why would I deprive myself of such good collaborators?’ It’s important in everything I do. I do not pretend to be a person who manages to make a one-sided decision on this or that. I like the creative process, precisely because we can have someone by our side who shakes up our ideas. I love the fact that you can try something, screw up, erase what doesn’t work and rebuild it another way. That’s really my favorite thing, and I like doing that with someone.”

Here is the trailer forAdam through time :

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