Ryan Reynolds introduces Dude, his second very muscular Free Guy character

Ryan Reynolds introduces Dude, his very muscular 2nd character from Free Guy

“Activate the Dude.”

“After Green Lantern [de Martin Campbell], I think I realized that I had more fun and that I felt creatively more satisfied when I made fun of myself, explain to us Ryan reynolds about Free Guy, Shaw Levy’s new comedy in which he plays a secondary video game character. Like most Canadians, I grew up learning to be able to laugh at my flaws and flaws, play with my ego and my arrogance. “ The new featurette of Shawn Levy’s film perfectly illustrates this idea: the actor introduces us to Dude, another character from the same virtual universe who is directly inspired by him, but “better”. Married to Blake Lively, he is overly muscular, follows a very special diet and unfortunately no longer fits in his Deadpool costume!

This featurette also marks the reunion between the star of Green Lantern and his best mate in the superhero movie, played by Taika Waititi, who also never misses an opportunity to make fun of himself and his friends. Free Guy will be released tomorrow at the cinema.

Free Guy – Ryan Reynolds: “I grew up learning to laugh at my faults” [interview]

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