(S) ex List: Anna Faris saves more than furniture [critique]

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(S) ex List
20th Century Fox

Also worn by Chris Evans, this romantic comedy returns to TFX.

Mark Mylod’s third feature film after after Ali G with Sacha Baron Cohen in 2002, and The Big White in 2005, (S) ex List presents the story of Ally, a young woman who sees her life turned upside down when she learns from a newspaper article that women who have had more than 20 sexual partners are more likely to remain single their entire lives. After having listed all of her exes, she begins to lose hope of getting married one day… She takes an oath not to exceed “her number” (19), and asks her neighbor for help to find her. ‘Ex of his life.

To interpret the main roles of his comedy, Mark Mylod trusted Anna Faris, a key figure in American comedies Scary Movie as well as Super Blonde or English wedding. The actress stars alongside Chris Evans (Captain america) who drops his superhero costume here. Here is the review of Première, originally published for its theatrical release in 2011.

After Sex friends and Sex with friends, here is (S) ex List. Except that here, the good poles fall in love while practicing abstinence. This is about the only originality of this comedy about exes which, in his defense, suffers from arriving after My best friends. In the genre “The girls let go and it’s not a pretty sight”, Mark Mylod’s film pushes the plug less far than that of Paul Feig on a similar subject: a single woman in the middle of preparing for the wedding of her best friend (here, her sister), freaks out at the idea of ​​staying on the bench of touches. The dialogues, trashy but less punchy than in Feig’s film, are endlessly parasitized by omnipresent sofa music. Fortunately, Anna Faris, a sort of Britney Spears with more transfer, is up to the slaughter of Kristen Wiig and saves more than the furniture.

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