Sabrina steals the show in Riverdale season 6 trailer

Sabrina riverdale

The “Rivervale” event in five episodes is revealed in great width.

Dark and supernatural atmosphere for the rest of Riverdale. The trailer for season 6 has just been unveiled and it presents the event in five episodes nicknamed “Rivervale”, which will launch this new chapter, from next Tuesday, November 16 (and in France on Netflix in US + 24 ).

Black magic will make its entrance to Riverdale through Cheryl, who appears to have organized a cult with young followers, ready to “go back to old traditions “. Above all, we see a certain Sabrina land in the small town! The witch arrives as a neighbor and will turn the series upside down.

Besides, fans won’t miss the streak in which Betty climbs up on Archie telling him that she wants “carry her baby“. Is she possessed or will a happy event shed some light on this season 6 of Riverdale ?

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