Samuel L. Jackson disgusted that Jonah Hill is ruder than him!

Ptolemy Gray Samuel L. Jackson

Thanks to the Wolf of Wall-Street and SuperGrave, he holds the record for swear words on screen: “That’s bullshit!” bursts the star of Pulp Fiction.

As he arrives today at Apple in the mini-series The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, the star of pulp Fiction, Samuel L.Jacksondiscovered something horrible at Jimmy Fallon : it is not he who swings the worst words in the cinema!

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The host of the Tonight Show revealed to him that he does not actually hold the record (according to e Buzz Bingo survey published in May 2020), since it is Jonah Hill who is number 1, ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio. Samuel L Jackson only coming in third place. Buzz Bingo had studied over 3,500 film scripts and noted that Hill had placed 376 swear words throughout his filmography, with the majority of swear words split between SuperGrave and The wolf of Wall Street, where DiCaprio also dropped a good chunk of his 361 swear words. Jackson is limited to 301 profanities.

“That’s bullshit !” then answer Samuel L Jackson to Jimmy Fallon. Laughing, he disagrees: “No, no, that’s not possible. Jonah Hill and Leo? Really ? I don’t believe it for a second. Someone miscounted.”

Seeking to understand, he replies: “Does all swear words count or just one specific word?” Because in terms of “fucking“, Samuel L Jackson sits there. And Fallon to confirm that the actor is undoubtedly the undisputed record holder of “motherfucker” At the movie theater !

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