Samuel L. Jackson takes on filmmakers who disparage Marvel movies

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“It’s easy for these directors to despise these films, just because people are not going to see their films…”

Samuel L.Jackson put a good, well-felt tackle on Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and the cult Hollywood filmmakers, who have multiplied the attacks on superhero films in recent years.

A permanent member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 15 years, Samuel L.Jackson is the Nick Fury of avengersa character he will take over in the Disney Plus series Secret Invasion. So he steps up to defend his super-comrades: “A movie is a movie. Marvel movies are the movies I used to see when I was a kid”, he develops in the show The View. “The artistic talent, the one that makes it possible to make a film, is something that has been a mystery for a very long time. But it’s no longer a mystery. Kids know how to make movies on their phones today. So it’s easy for these directors to look down on those films, just because people aren’t going to see their films…”

Samuel L. Jackson disgusted that Jonah Hill is ruder than him!

In his analysis, Samuel L.Jackson believes that cinema has always been like this, made up of entertainment films and more serious films, and that Marvel has nothing to be ashamed of in this regard: “It seems like they say people are kind of screwed up by these movies. But it’s always been a bit like that! When I was younger, people went to see cowboy movies, and they went to see cowboy movies. Superhero movies of a different ilk. They watched superheroes on TV. When you were doing more serious movies, it was for niche audiences. It’s still the same today. most people go to the cinema to feel better and get out of their daily lives.”

The 73-year-old actor concludes: “People go to dark rooms to have a good time. It’s a hell of a good time. You laugh together and shout together. I always make films that I would have liked to see when I was a child…”

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