Sandra Bullock dismantles Speed ​​2: “I’m still embarrassed to be in it”

25 years later, the actress still does not understand how she could accept this sequel in “a big slow boat…”

Just after being revealed to the whole world in Speedalongside Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock agreed to return to be, this time, the main star of Speed ​​2. Today, she recognizes that to do Heading for danger was a big mistake!

In an interview at TooFabshe concedes to being very embarrassed to have played in this sequel alongside Jason Patric, trying to prevent a cruise liner from crashing: “I made a movie that nobody went to see and I’m still embarrassed to be in it… It’s called ‘Speed ​​2 ! I have already spoken a lot about it. For me, this film makes no sense. A slow boat. Moving very slowly to an island…”

Sandra Bullock is up for sequels again

We wonder what went through the head of director Jan de Bont, back behind the camera, and through the head of Sandra Bullock when signing: “It’s the one I wish I had never done and no fan has changed their minds since it hit theaters by the way.“What Daniel Radcliffe, his on-screen castmate in The Secret of the Lost City (which will be released on April 20 in France at the cinema), refutes ardently, affirming that a “small worship“was born around the turnip in question.

A tiny one then!” retort Sandra Bullock. “Like five people. Maybe kids who were under 12 at the time watching this boat slowly heading towards this small island..”

Speed ​​2 effectively flopped at the box office, grossing $164 million worldwide, compared to $350 million for the first installment.

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