Sandra Bullock is up for sequels again

The Secret of the Lost City

Soon Speed ​​3? That’s not quite what she has in mind…

Back in a few days in the adventure comedy The Secret of the Lost Citywhich she shares with Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock revealed during a question and answer session with the public of the SXSW festival (relayed by variety) that she wouldn’t say no to a sequel. An unexpected response from the actress, who explained in 2013 that she no longer wanted to shoot, after the icy reception given to Speed ​​2in 1997, then to Miss Detective 2in 2005. Then in full glory thanks to Gravityshe was asked specifically about a potential sequel to the gunslingers : “No, I’m not doing a sequel to this movie. I’ve done two in my life and they were awful. What Melissa (McCarthy) and I created here, it was very beautiful. We could do a movie together again, though. A silent film, for example.”

Today, the 57-year-old actress is more peaceful when she answers the same question: “I had this rule that said: ‘Not now !’, but that was when I didn’t have the power to fight for what I really wanted. I feel now, in my old age, that I’ve learned to champion the things that I think would be best on screen. I don’t care if anyone comes to the meeting (to discuss these things) pissed off. That’s the beauty of working with a producer like Liza (Chain). We are in the first category. We’ve known each other since the dawn of time and we both take our jobs seriously. We know that usually people won’t pay attention to us, since we are women. Nobody thinks an actress is going to become a producer, and that’s good: they look the other way and ignore us. I don’t know yet if I would like to do a sequel to this particular film, but listen: we had Dana Fox writing the screenplay for The Lost City. If she wants to come back to imagine such a brilliant story, let her go!”

The Secret of the Lost City will be released in cinemas on April 20. Here is its trailer:

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