Sanitary pass at the cinema: end of the 49 spectators per room

From today, all adults must present their health pass to be able to attend a session.

Following the establishment of the health pass in cinemas on July 21, operators have decided to circumvent the rule by limiting access to their rooms to 49 spectators, because the law provided for the request for a complete vaccine proof (or a negative test extended to 72 hours and no longer 48 hours) for adults going to cultural places welcoming more than 50 people. The rule does not yet apply to young people aged 12 to 17, who will be subject to it from September 30.

Health pass at the cinema: the FNCF feels “punished” and asks for “a deadline for implementation”

This weekend, the decree specifying the conditions for extending the cultural pass to several sectors (in particular restaurants) stipulates that “this pre-existing threshold of 50 people below which the health pass was not compulsory is abolished”, relay French Film. This new rule is applicable as of today, which means that “the health pass will be compulsory from the first spectator of legal age”, recalls the FNCF, which took note of this new decree. The National Federation of French Cinema recalls in passing that this writing “confirmed the elimination of wearing a mask in places where the health pass is compulsory but that the wearing of a mask can however be made compulsory by the prefect of the department when the local circumstances justify it, as well as by the operator or the organizer. ”

Despite Kaamelott, the health pass undermines the French box office

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