Santa Claus is junk: 7 little-known anecdotes about the cult film

The comedy of Splendid returns this evening on France 2.

Attention cult and essential Christmas film. Impossible to spend the end of year celebrations without being offered Santa Clause is garbage on one of the small screen channels. A tradition that could smell like indigestion as this comedy has been broadcast and rebroadcast on TV, but the crazy adventures of the Splendid troupe continue, more than 30 years later, to hit the mark with the public. If the lines have become cult and have escaped no one, certain details of the film are much less known to the general public. The proof in 7 points while waiting for the replay of the comedy of Jean-Marie Poiré on France 2.

Santa Claus was not a hit in theaters

Its status as a cult film, Santa Claus is a garbagee did not win it in the dark rooms. When it came out, and despite the success of the play from which it was adapted, this feature film was far from being a hit. Mistreated by critics who are not necessarily enthusiastic, it attracts around 1.6 million spectators. It is thanks to the small screen, where it appears every year at Christmas, that the phenomenon is growing.

Santa had a code name

It is difficult to get the City of Paris to accept a filming authorization for a film called Santa Clause is garbage. To be able to box the first scenes that take place on the Grands Boulevards, the production had to be cunning and give a false film title. Riding on the craze of Tanned, she opted for Les Bronzés celebrate Christmas.

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Santa Claus couldn’t take the bus

The title of the film Jean-Marie Poiré was not only a problem for filming permissions. On the promotional side, the reception was not the warmest, especially on the side of the RATP which refused to distribute the posters of the film. The fault in a title too provoking. Same reluctance on the side of certain cinemas which have altered the title so as not to shock children and their parents. The team took advantage of the controversy surrounding his name to imagine a completely offbeat trailer:

Santa Claus has a family resemblance

To find inspiration, the Splendid troupe drew on a close and inexhaustible raw material: the family. Pierre Mortez, the volunteer of SOS Détresse Amitié embodied by Thierry lhermitte was thus inspired by Paul Chazel, the father of Marie-Anne Chazel. A pastor who also worked as a volunteer at SOS Amitié.

Father Christmas was to welcome Jean-Claude Dusse

Only present in the film by lending his voice to the sex addict who calls the association, Michel Blanc was actually supposed to appear onscreen in the first draft of the script. He was to, in an alternate ending, incarnate a priest collecting the confessions of Peter and Thérèse (Anemone) after their visit to the zoo. A clergyman denouncing the two volunteers to the police. It is with Pierre and Thérèse in the box of the accused that the film was to end.

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Santa Claus also had to welcome Julio Iglesias

Latin lover was in the spotlight in Santa Clause is garbage. It is indeed on a title of Julio Iglesias (“You women”) that the slow between Pierre (Thierry lhermitte) and Katia (Christian Clavier). But in the final cut, the production failed to secure the rights to the song. They therefore replaced this title with “Destiny” of Guy Marchand by re-recording the dialogues of this scene. Corn Julio Iglesias despite everything remains present in the film thanks to Zézette (Marie-Anne Chazel) which bears a badge “I Love Julio” and whose caravan is decorated with posters of the singer.

Santa has had a remake

Released in 1982, Santa Clause is garbage was the subject of an American remake in 1994. Dubbed Mixed Nuts (in VF Merry Christmas) and produced by Nora Ephron (You have a message), this film with Steve Martin, Adam Sandler and Madeline Kahn has not left its mark on Hollywood … Here is an excerpt:

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