Scott Bakula fondly remembers his Quantum Code sidekick Dean Stockwell

Quantum code
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“He made me a better human being …”

It was a “mentor” for him. Dean stockwell was almost 20 years older than Scott Bakula and above all an already successful career, when they met for 97 episodes of Quantum code. Today that the unforgettable interpreter of Al has passed away – of natural causes, at the age of 85 – his comrade pays homage to him.

Dr Sam Beckett posted a vibrant message in memory of his “favorite hologram“, in which he first recounts having “met Dean during his audition for Quantum code in 1988. He had agreed to do a reading when I was already cast. We connected immediately and my career and my life changed that day, in the office of the producer, Brandon Tartikoff. “

Scott Bakula confesses that the SF series had “very lucky to have him, since a few months later, he was nominated for the Oscars for his role in Widow, but not too much! Was it a stroke of fate? All I know is he never tried to leave us, he loved the part and the show and the rest … “

For the star of Quantum code, Dean stockwell “eI became a dear friend and mentor and we became very close over the next five very intense years. Dean was such a passionate man… in life, in his work, in his art, for his family, and for all kinds of causes (…) Having been a child star himself, he had a soft spot for every young actor that came on our set. He was very protective … “

Scott Bakula concludes with his words full of emotion: “I loved him very much and was honored to know him. He made me a better human being… “

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