Scott Speedman’s unexpected return to Grey’s Anatomy

Scott Speedman in Grey's Anatomy

The production has a little surprise in store for fans: after the launch of season 18, the interpreter of Dr. Nick Marsh will become regular in the cast.

Looks like Addison won’t be the only person from Meredith’s past to return to Grey’s Anatomy in season 18. We learn, in the wake of episode 1, that Scott speedman will reunite with Meredith this year. And not just a little … Attention spoilers!

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In 2018, the handsome kid of the saga Underworld had capsized the hearts of fans of Grey’s Anatomy. The time of an episode of season 14 remained in the memories, he had played Dr. Nick Marsh, who then seemed to be the perfect successor to Dr. Mamour, after the death of Derek. But then, despite the insistence of the public, the producers had always refused to give in and bring him back, since it was not in the plans.

So they had a little surprise in store for Meredith and the maniacs from Grey’s Anatomy, this week, on the occasion of the first episode of season 18. Nick Marsh, on whom everyone had given up for a long time, is back in the medical series, and not just a little this time! In the wake of his appearance in episode 1, we learn that he will now be a full-fledged regular of the cast.

As he was seen having a drink, and no more, with Meredith, Dr. Marsh finally left in the night of Minnesota, returning home. Without a promise of tomorrow. But tomorrow there will be, since Scott speedman (Last Resort, Animal Kingdom) will now be a regular Grey’s Anatomy. It will be back from episode 2 (as already shown in the promo below). And we imagine that then, he will be hired in Seattle, Meredith’s hospital being desperately in search of doctors … The competition with Cormac Hayes will be tough, this year, for the heart of Dr Gray.

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