Scream 5 makes the connection between yesterday and today in this new video

The old and new cast evoke the legacy of Ghostface before its comeback on the big screen.

It’s the perfect mix of new energy and what made the franchise so special.. “Dylan Minette, star of the teen Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, will be one of the new faces of Scream. And in a new video uploaded by Paramount, he explains with the other members of the cast how this 5th opus makes the link between the past and the present.

We discover how Dewey, the sheriff played by David Arquette, will be brought back to the world of Ghostface, while he had put away his badge and his weapon. How he’s also going to bring poor Sidney (played by Neve Cambell) back to Woodsboro. Melissa Barrera (Vida) will also be the unlucky new heroine tracked down by the killer and thus evokes the legacy Scream, alongside other fresh new victims: Jack Quaid (The Boys) or Jenna Ortega (The Babysitter).

Scream 5 will be released on January 12, 2022 at theaters in France.

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