Scream is back: still sharp? [critique]

The Fifth Scream is a fan film, in the nails, which offers David Arquette a beautiful redemption.

2022: Scream is back. Lacked more than him, the cranky will say. “Every ten years, crazy people put on the Ghosftace mask and kill people”, explains, a little jaded, Sam, the heroine of the new Scream, the fifth of the franchise (which must not be, likeHalloween of 2018, endow a number) and the first since the death in 2015 of Wes Craven. The new Scream of the 2020s wants to take up sacred challenges, worthy of the relaunch of Star wars in 2015: paying homage to the venerable saga, relaunching the franchise for the next generation, and being a great auteur horror film by rubbing shoulders with the genre ofevelated horror… Ghostface is therefore back, slaughtering young Sam’s entourage and walking in the bloody footsteps of previous killers and playing a dangerous game with the legacy of the survivors of the saga. On the menu, jump scares, schlass shots and long meta comments on the state of horror cinema and the need to reboot old franchises in the era of streaming andelevated horror.

There is definitely a big misunderstanding about the use of the term evelated horror, which would designate the recent and intelligent horror films, whose champion is Jordan Peele with his Get out. Horror films, which would be at the same time intelligent, entertaining and popular, and whose appearance would be very recent – in the years 2010 at the earliest. As if Jaws, The Exorcist Where Shining had never existed (and we could even go back to the origins: Murnau, Browning, Whale …). So the new Scream wants, in the air of his usual meta discourse, to assert that he is still relevant in the era of this elevated horror fantasized. Otherwise, the film wants to be of its time, and justify its existence to millennials who would be much more demanding in terms of horror cinema than the previous audience. But unlike the Scream 4 of 2012 (very funny and very clever, in our memory), the new Scream doesn’t offer a lot of really exciting movie ideas – let alone an interesting movie theater. The Michael Myers of Halloween of 2018 rediscovered its terrifying dimension – and the film to find a legitimacy of cinema – by tracing a whole new trajectory of carnage (and rejoicing, to be honest). Scream cru 2022 wants to question a space outside itself, the industrial landscape of reboots, requels and legacy venerable franchises in a Hollywood not cruel in lack of ideas as one often thinks it but in a true state of catatonic terror in the face of the slightest novelty. The industry prefers to (re) launch “intellectual properties”, the famous IPs already equipped with a fanbase: in 2021, Ghostbusters The Legacy, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Matrix Resurrections are all films which are conceived literally, explicitly in their relation to the public, integrating their own uselessness into their narration, and thus pirating their relation to criticism. We apologize for this somewhat arid presentation, but that’s also what causes this Scream, decidedly not really up to its ambitions: directed by two clever little guys from the B series (the film with gore sketches V / H / S, the bloody comedy Wedding nightmare), Scream is first and foremost a film made by fans. Oh, no doubt about their sincerity, but we would have liked the film – which precisely claims to question the toxic fandom! – was something more daring than this rather wise homecoming, this slightly dapper cover of the first opus in the series. . A sequence that plays on the opening and closing of the doors (and therefore on waiting for the jump scare) thus looks more like an idea for a sketch of V / H / S than a strong idea of ​​cinema.

That said, if the newcomers are nice (special mention to the duo of dented sisters, played by Melissa Barrerra and Jenna Ortega), it is in the field of heritage that the issue must be played. What to do with the survivors? There, it is rather not badly played. Just like the Halloween by David Gordon Green, who gave Jamie Lee Curtis the opportunity to say goodbye to his Laurie who has become a paranoid survivalist who loves guns and lives in a bunker house. It was good, eh? Good news, the new Scream is never as successful as when it shines David Arquette. His character of nice Dewey has become a shadow of himself, an alcoholic and disabled ex-cop ruminating over his memories in an old trailer. New Scream will give it a new dimension, like an unexpected achievement. That’s not bad.

By Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. With Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette … Duration: 1h54. Released on January 12, 2022

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