Sean Penn refuses to resume filming his series until the team is vaccinated


In Gaslit, he gives the answer to Julia Roberts. But after a break and his stint in Cannes, the actor refused to return to work.

The next role of Sean Penn, it will be for television, in the limited series Starz Gaslit, which revolves around the Watergate crisis. Filming is underway, but he has taken a break lately, to allow the actor to go to the Croisette. Except that now, the star refuses to return to the set, until everyone in the production, and not just the actors and the main technical team, have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Deadline reports that Sean Penn made his stance towards producer UCP clear on his return from the Cannes Film Festival, where he was presenting Flag Day, a film he directed. However, there are still several weeks of filming for Gaslit.

Hollywood’s current COVID security protocols, which were the product of many negotiations with various unions, only offer producers “the possibility of implementing compulsory vaccination policies for the actors and the team in zone A, one which includes the places where the unmasked actors gather and perform on the set, surrounded only by key members of the team”.

Beyond Zone A is a much larger set of technical team members and workers who are not required – by existing protocols – to be vaccinated. Gold, Sean Penn is fully vaccinated and according to Deadline, the very committed actor took this position not for himself, but to simply prevent unvaccinated people from potentially spreading the virus.

In Gaslit, Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell, a socialite from Arkansas and wife of President Nixon’s loyal Attorney General John Mitchell (played by Penn). Martha will be the first person to publicly sound the alarm about Nixon’s involvement in Watergate …

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