Season 2 finally unlocks Locke & Key (review)

locke and key season 2

After a dirty first season, the authors have found the right lubricant to give consistency and fluidity to this great magical plot.

It’s still not Netflix’s sesame, but Locke & Key at least managed to find the key to satisfactorily adapting Joe Hill’s comics. The very disappointing first season, crazy and soulless, has not entirely disappeared. Some flaws are still present. But this season 2 – which is released today on the platform – has the merit of effectively unlocking this great fantastic story.

We find Tyler, Kinsey and Bode in their small town of Matheson, thinking they will be having happy days after getting rid of Dodge. But the demon is still running, hidden under Gabe’s identity. The Locke children do not suspect a thing and play with their various enchanted keys as long as they can …

Mastery of the keys is in itself a significant improvement over the first chapter. Our young heroes have harnessed the power of the magical tools inherited from their ancestors. They make perfect use of the Head Key or the Hercules Key, and enjoy life in a form of fun playfulness. At the same time, the series does not hesitate to take darker accents and express its dark side, in more explicit imagery, horrific sequences that season 1 did not dare to assume.

Locke & Key thus finds a form of balance. The narration is more fluid. The more consistent characters. The central plot seems less clumsy. We are still far from the gothic comics of Joe Hill. Something is still missing, like a form of daring in the staging, which would allow the series to have its own style, and not be drowned in the mass of series of the same genre. But at least with this season 2, Meredith Averell and Carlton Cuse manage to unlock the magic of Locke & Key ! While waiting for a season 3, perhaps even darker, which will arrive very soon on Netflix, since it has already been shot.

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