Season 2 of Perry Mason is confirmed with the arrival of Katherine Waterston

Katherine waterston
Warner Bros.

The cast is strengthening for the shooting.

A year and a half after the broadcast of season 1, Perry mason preparing for his return. The HBO series has just recruited the actress from Fantastic Beasts, Katherine waterston, which will therefore give the reply to Matthew rhys in season 2.

The Englishwoman will play Ginny Aimes, a teacher at the private school attended by Perry’s son, Teddy. Perry mason go “discover that he is happy that his child is in Ginny’s hands – and finds out that he might also need her warm aura for himself “, according to the official description. Clearly, a love story in sight between the two.

Perry Mason: first info on season 2

In passing, we learn what season 2 will be talking about, which will take place months after the Dodson trial of season 1.

Perry and Della continue their civil affairs during the height of the Great Depression while their detective, Paul Drake, goes solo. “An unsolved case catches up with the city of Los Angele and Perry Mason’s quest for justice reveals that all is not always as it seems. “

Beyond Katherine Waterston, six other actors have joined the cast in recurring roles, including Peter Mendoza (NCIS) and Fabrizio Guido (Mr. Iglesias), who will play the brothers Mateo and Rafael, accused of murder …

Perry mason can be seen in France on OCS.

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