Season 2 of The Opera is already filming

The Opera OCS season 2

“The opera we are filming, the opera de Liège, is only available in the summer”, explains the creator of the series.

Launched last week on OCS, Opera is already choreographing the continuation of his ballet. Season 2 has already been filming since this summer. And the co-creator of the French drama, Cecile Ducrocq, explains why:

It’s super strange to start Season 2, even before Season 1 airs. But at the same time, it’s the process required to deliver one season per year! No sooner had we finished editing, we had to start writing season 2 “, details the screenwriter and director to Première, before explaining that technical filming constraints also come into play, when establishing the production schedule:

We are linked to this technical problem, which is that the opera in which we are filming, the Opéra de Liège, is only available in the summer. We filmed season 1 indoors in the summer of 2020 and we are filming season 2 in the summer of 2021. “

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Some scenes from Opera are filmed in the real enclosure of the Palais Garnier, but “he is very busy, they have shows a bit all the time …“So for the sequences on stage (in particular) it is the opera of Liège which was chosen as decoration:”It is a superb Italian theater. But it’s true that seeing the series, Parisian ballet specialists risk falling from their seats (laughs) “.

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