Season 3 of Validé may be overdue for a long time

validated season 2
Canal +

Franck Gastambide explains that no sequel is planned for the moment.

While the final episodes of season 2 of Valid will be broadcast this evening on Canal +, Franck Gastambide announces that his rap series may not have a sequel. In any case, not right away:

“For now, I need to change the universe and there will be no season 3 of Valid, he recently launched in an interview with Première. “After the phenomenal success of season 1 I had to go back. But I can’t be that guy who’ll spend his life doing Valid, I need to explore other things, and I am actually finalizing the writing of my new film, an action comedy that will be my biggest budget. I also need to let the ‘rap game’ evolve, see how it inspires me … So maybe in two or three years, Valid will come back with a strong new storyline. “

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Words confirmed shortly after for the leisure TV site, in which Franck Gastambide says he wants “ftake a break. I wouldn’t be doing Season 3 until I was sure I had things as interesting and necessary to tell as I did in the first two seasons. So over time, I jot down ideas in my head, for the day when …

It is therefore not excluded that a season 3 of Valid be written one day. And besides, Canal + is obviously keen on it: “Maxime Saada (the president of Canal +) is very keen on it (…) except that working on a series is extremely vampiric “, detailed Franck Gastambide recently in the show of France 2, We are live. “It’s been 3 years that I devote my life to this project, that I can not go to act too much, nor devote myself to my cinema projects. It really is work, what! “

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