Second round: Albert Dupontel is preparing his new film with Cécile de France and Nicolas Marié

Release scheduled for October 25, 2023.

In the middle of the election period, Pathé confirms the start of construction of the next film ofAlbert Dupontel entitled Second round. As soon as you leaveGoodbye idiots in the cinema, the director revealed that he already had in mind the story of his eighth feature film, which he presented in the press as “a political fable with a thriller dimension.” He then specified: “We will follow a journalist investigating an election campaign because one of the candidates she knew as a child full of oddities, now presents himself as a very clean and smooth man…” The French Movie now specifies that he will play well in his own film, contrary to what was initially announced, but that he will not hold the leading role. He will lead Cecile of France in the skin of the journalist and her faithful actor Nicolas Marie (who justly received the César for best supporting role for Goodbye idiots) in that of the politician.

Pathé also revealed its release date, October 25, 2023, and its official synopsis: A political journalist in disgrace, placed in the football section, is suddenly asked to follow the current presidential campaign. The favorite is a fifties, heir to a powerful French family and a novice in politics. Troubled by this candidate whom she has known less smooth in the past, the journalist embarks on an investigation as surprising as it is jubilant.

Nicolas Marié – Goodbye idiots: “Albert is picky, but his requirement has a goal.”

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