Seeing Licorice Pizza in 70mm is a unique opportunity

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film is screened on film in a single theater in France.

As we prefer to see Dune Where Tenet in IMAX, with the Atmos sound to explode the armchairs, we can only encourage you to rush in front of a projection of Licorice Pizza in 70mm. The thing is, you will have to travel to Paris to contemplate the copy, since it is unique: the only room that offers it is L’Arlequin (76 rue de Rennes, Paris 6ème: click here for info and session times). Eric Jolivalt, programmer of L’Arlequin, explains the adventures of this projection on his Twitter account: technically, the film was shot in 35mm then “inflated” in 70mm, which gives more breadth to the image.

Why make the trip? Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest (and fabulous) movie will be enjoyed in any other venue as well, but seeing it screened on film projects us even more into his world. That of Los Angeles, in 1973, where the teenager Gary (Cooper Hoffman) falls in love with the playful Alana (Alana Haim) and live a lot of colorful adventures on the threshold of adulthood … the director of Boogie Nights and Magnolia do not consider his film as a nostalgic stroll in a retro museum full of references, we take a huge foot to see Licorice Pizza with the grain of the film, the “cigarette burns” on the screen (marking the changes between each reel), the thick grain, in short all these defects, as opposed to the hyper-rich details of current digital copies, which make Licorice version 70 a sort of essential triumph of analog cinema.

Licorice Pizza: the first summit of the 2022 cinema year [critique]

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