Series Mania 2021: The Bite, not very biting but harmless (review)

The bite

The new series from the creators of The Good Fight and The Good Wife is a zombie comedy that pokes fun at COVID with barely veiled cathartic ambition. Fun, nothing more.

We have known the most inspired Kings. But Robert and Michelle, the couple behind the excellent The Good Wife and no less brilliant Good fight, has at least been able to make the most of an exceptionally unlivable situation. Obviously exhausted by confinement in New York and technically unemployed like most of the profession, they envisioned a comedy where COVID would take a horrific turn, now turning people into zombies. In a quarantined city, Rachel (Audra McDonald) will realize the tragedy … via Zoom.

This is THE find of The Bite (presented this week at Séries Mania): using the anxiety-provoking decorum of the pandemic as a vector for comedy. The series, filmed in the midst of a health crisis at the beginning of 2021, has used the famous social distancing and video calls with which we have learned to live for a year, to increase the tension. Like the original Amazon movie Connected, with François-Xavier Demaison, we are thrilled with a monster approaching the end of the hallway, ready to eat the one who sticks on his Zoom screen, under the horrified gaze of his interlocutor who can do nothing. .

Audra McDonald: “We are not at all at the end of The Good Fight”

It’s fun, sometimes a little stressful. The production fully plays the card of technological and conceptual staging. The script exorcises the fear of COVID with some zany. An almost cathartic farce … and very harmless. Because beyond the joke whose outlines we can quickly guess, The Bite unfolds its genre plot like a highway and doesn’t have much to say that’s really biting.

The Bite does not yet have a broadcaster in France.

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