Series Mania 2021: The Echo of your Voice, disenchanted Israeli series (review)

The Echo of your Voice
KAN 11

A musical drama steeped in Israeli pop culture, which awkwardly speaks of parentage and personal accomplishment.

It doesn’t have to be easy every day to be John Lennon’s son. This is what we say to ourselves when we see The Echo of your Voice, musical and family dramatic comedy from Israel, competing at the Séries Mania 2021 festival, in the official international competition.

And for good reason, the story tells the impossible life of Kobi, the son of the (fictitious) legend Ari Shemier, one of the greatest composers in the history of the country. A genius at the head of a Beatles-style rock group, which marked the 70’s and all subsequent generations. A gigantic inheritance to assume for his heir, also a musician, but who clearly does not have the talent of his father and has great difficulty in existing outside his shadow. Complex, exasperated, Kobi will take one more slap when he sees that Lenny, his son, has recovered his grandfather’s gift. He has everything to be Israel’s new star, an accomplishment Kobi will never achieve …

Very inspired by the local culture and singers unknown to us, The Echo of your Voice is a true ode to the music of the country. Magnificent original songs were written especially for the series and happily punctuate the episodes of this otherwise exhausting pop fiction.

Very slow, the reflection of the creator Tom Shoval (author of the superb Youth in 2013) lacks finesse. Often pushing open the doors of the impossible filiation, he tilts here and there in the psychological caricature. What does it mean to exist by oneself? To assert oneself as a proper entity, by distancing oneself from any form of heredity? The theme is noble, complex. But treated by the cynical little end of the lorgnette. Its obnoxious central character is inexorably mean, too much to be really appreciable, let alone endearing. Egotic, cold, skimpy, he annoys more than he amuses or touches. A real problem to really want to listen to the echo of his own voice.

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