Series Mania 2022: the highlights of Saturday March 19

Series Mania 2022 Astier visitors

A very emotional first day, with the SKAM team signing, the HPI team triumphantly welcomed, Simon Astier in Visitors and the competition launched by the new crime series by David Simon.

The team of Skam in dedication

As season 9 had just ended, the young people of SCAM France went to meet the festival-goers. Flavie Delangle, Lucie Fagedet or even Zoé Garcia have signed for the fans.

Audrey Fleurot launches season 2 of HPI in preview

Like a rock star, Morgane Alvaro made the decibels explode at UGC Lille, eagerly awaited by fans of the TF1 series, one of the biggest hits of recent years. Inevitably, there were many of them to see, before everyone else, the first episodes of season 2.

Tender Flesh launches the French competition

After Funny in opening, the official French competition was opened this Saturday, with the very powerful Tender Flesh, a rarity that deals with intersex with great skill. The whole team was there to defend this unique creation.

Simon Astier shows his Visitors

After Hero Corphe is back with a brand new slightly crazy science fiction comedy, which Simon Astier was able to present to festival-goers during a big meeting with the public, before unveiling the first two episodes during the traditional night of comedies.

Jamie Hector in Lille for We Own This City

David Simon is not there. So who better than the unforgettable Marlo from TheWire to present his new series? The actor was on the Series Mania stage to launch the official competition with great fanfare, with this new crime drama, which is shaking the streets of Baltimore…

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