Series Mania 2022: the highlights of Tuesday, March 22

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The creator of Vikings in official competition, the new Queen Elizabeth and Stéphane Bern to decipher the royal series.

Billy the Kid attracts crowds

He is used to success. After The Tudors and vikings, Michael Hirst unveiled to festival-goers, a month before its launch in the USA, his new historical series, in the heart of the Wild West. As expected, it sold out and will be one of the serious contenders for the final victory in international competition.

Stéphane Bern’s fact checking

The host of France television, presenter of Secrets of History and great specialist in crowned heads, was in Lille yesterday to decipher the historical series. How much of The Crown is just ? Should we believe The Tudors ? Which royal series is the most realistic?

Niels Arestrup hunting The Black Butterflies

The actor of Black Baron was on the Festival stage last night to present to the public a fascinating new Arte series, a dark and romantic thriller, which will have a good part to play in the French competition.

Long live the Queen

A few years after Cate Blanchett, there is a new Queen Elizabeth: Alicia von Rittberg was at Series Mania yesterday to present a world premiere Becoming Elizabetha new historical series recounting the sovereign’s youth, in the vein of The Great. And that’s good, Becoming Elizabeth will also be seen in France on Starzplay.

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