Séries Mania presents its return with the trailer for the 2021 edition

Sony Pictures Entertainment

It will be held free of charge in Lille, from August 26 to September 2, 2021.

After a canceled 2020 edition, Mania 2021 Series will be held well in Lille, at the end of the summer, and the series which will make the event of the festival from August 26 to September 2, 2021 are already revealed in the official trailer which has just been released:

In passing, the organizer specifies that the closing date will be Chapelwaite. A historical American horror drama, adapted from Stephen King and coming to the Epix streaming platform in the USA. It will follow the story of Silence Boone, who built the mansion Chapelwaite in Preacher’s Corners (Maine) in the early 18th century. But tragic events follow one another from generation to generation. Created by Donald de Line, Peter Filardi and Jason Filardi, Chapelwaite will be worn by Adrien Brody, along with Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens and Sirena Gulamgaus.

In addition, we learn that among the guests of honor, Mania 2021 Series will make room for Anny duperey, the unforgettable mother of a wonderful family. And the star of the scene Muriel robin, will also be there for an exceptional meeting where she will return to the great roles that have marked her television career. An obvious presence, when we know that this edition will have a special focus on stand-up.

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