Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron seduce [Critique]

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Seduce me if you can

Seduce Me If You Can, a post-Apatow romcom that nicely captures the zeitgeist.

Released in May 2019 at the cinema, the romantic comedy Seduce me if you can arrives tonight on television, on Chérie 25. The pitch evokes the comedies that Judd Apatow and his followers were machining at the end of the 2000s: a loudmouth journalist and stoner (Seth Rogen) finds himself writing the speeches of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, well placed in the race for the presidency, and who incidentally happens to be her former babysitter. Replace Charlize Theron with Katherine Heigl and the movie could have been released on the heels ofKnocked up, instructions for useat the time of issue Beauty and the Geek, in which pimply nerds tried to pack statuesque blondes. Corn Seduce me if you can! actually gives plenty of pledges of modernity, mixing with mischief and without demagoguery very contemporary themes: the crisis of the press, the ecological emergency, the new relations between men and women, the ravages of show politics – the must being this president à la Trump played by Bob Odenkirk (the crooked lawyer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul), a former actor of series who wants to use the Oval Office as a springboard for his career in the cinema. Director Jonathan Levine (revered author of All the boys love Mandy Lane, converted into a Stakhanovist of R-rated comedy) updates the eternal themes of remarriage comedy by sprinkling them with gags not recommended for children, based on bodily secretions and MDMA. The frankly unreasonable length of the film (2:05!) is excused by the good atmosphere that reigns there and the undeniable chemistry between Seth Rogen and an imperial Charlize Theron.

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