Seth Rogen pays the Emmy Awards and his ceremony in the midst of COVID

Seth Rogen
YouTube Capture

On stage, the producer of The Boys did not fail to point the finger at the Academy: “They said that it would take place outside … But not at all in fact!”

The wide shots of the room were startling: in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities gathered in Los Angeles to attend the 2021 Emmy Awards in the Event Deck in downtown City of Angels. No mask. No social distancing. Almost no barrier gesture.

This did not fail to amaze an evening guest: Seth Rogen. The actor and producer of The Boys expressed his concern on stage, when presenting the first prize of the evening. In a thinly veiled sketch, Seth Rogen swung:

“But there are far too many of us in this little room! What are we up to?”

His voice becoming more and more shrill, he continues by calling the organizers: “They said it had to be outside this year. But not at all actually! They lied to us. We are currently in a sealed tent. I wouldn’t have come if I had known! Why is there- Does this tent have a roof ?! “ hallucinatory Seth Rogen before concluding with a very scathing valve: “It’s more important that we have three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, rather than making sure we’re not going to kill Eugene Levy … It’s delusional.”

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