Several original actors will be missing from season 4 of Manifest on Netflix

Manifest season 3

That comes back ? And who won’t come back to land Flight 828?

Saved by Netflix after being deleted by the American channel NBC, Manifest will be back for 20 concluding episodes … but not with everyone! Some major actors and actresses, present from the start, will not be back. Attention spoilers!

Athena Karkanis, who plays Grace Stone, Ben’s wife, will not be returning, reports Deadline. Logical, since his character died at the end of season 3. Another change in the family, little Jack Messina, aka the son, Cal Stone, will not be back either. Because, as viewers saw in a twist, Cal is now aged. It is therefore Ty Doran, who appeared in season 3, who will take over the role and will now be a regular in the cast.

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Dealine specifies that Matt Long, who plays Zeke Landon, may end up in the pilot of a new series Getaway. His agenda may not match that of Manifest, even if assures him that he will be present at least in part.

On the side of those who remain, Parveen Kaur (aka Saanvi Bahl), Luna Blaise (Olive Stone) and Holly Taylor (Angelina Meyer) have all reached an agreement to return in the new season. They join the previously announced Josh Dallas as well as Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela Stone) and JR Ramirez (Jared Vasquez).

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