Sex Education: when will season 4 be coming?

Sex Education season 3

For now, the sequel has not yet been ordered. So will Maeve and Otis return to Netflix? And above all: how old will they be?

It’s written in the title: Sex Education has an expiration date which is fast approaching. Impossible for Netflix and the creator Laurie Nunn to perpetuate Moordale, these high school students and their apprenticeship of sex forever. As time goes by, the cast ages and the series loses relevance.

Asa Butterfield thus confides in the English Cosmo : “I would love to do a season 4 of Sex Education, because we’re having so much fun in this show … And at the same time, we’ve been doing it for three years now, and I’d be happy to say goodbye to these characters … We’ll see what we do. To be honest, I don’t know yet … “

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Indeed, age is now a crucial issue. Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve, goes even further in an interview given this summer at Hunger magazine, in which she suggests that it may be time for her to quit school, when she will soon be 26! “It’s a complicated thing for me. Sex Education is so important as a concept, as a series, and the actors are phenomenal. I care about them very much and have made lifelong friendships. We kind of grew up together. But the flip side is that I can’t be 17 my whole life either! “

sex education season 3

A vision of things shared by Laurie Nunn in The Guardian. The designer admits that the age of the cast, the aging of the characters, “it’s something we talk about a lot with the writers. Because each season covers a semester, sometimes two. After the break of season 2, our characters arrive in Terminale. Clearly, they are coming to the end of high school but are still fully in school. They are not yet old enough to go to college. And at the same time, you don’t want a series with 45-year-old characters who are still in high school!

Still not ordered by Netflix, season 4 of Sex Education will therefore certainly arise in these terms (more than at the level of audiences, which are already excellent). Will the series take a leap in time, taking advantage of Maeve’s departure for America? Or will it come back in another form? In Cosmo, Asa Butterfield militates for example for a “Christmas movie “ Sex Education. To conclude the story of Moordale?

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