Shadowplay: is season 2 already planned?


For the moment, nothing is ordered, tells us the creator Måns Mårlind.

Season 1 of Shadowplay continues tonight on Canal + and will end next week. But it shouldn’t be the very last episode. Indeed, the creator Måns Mårlind has already imagined a sequel.

In an interview for Première, he told us last June: “I’ve already written the first two episodes of Season 2. If I get the money, I’ll be happy to shoot it! But right now, it’s not ordered. But hey, I’m writing it when even. We’ll see … “

Shadowplay (Canal +): “The series is less gloomy than the reality

It is therefore not yet known whether this season 2 of Shadowplay will see the light of day, or what it will talk about. But we hope on this side of the Rhine that it will put a little more emphasis on the French district of Berlin in 1946, largely absent from the first season:

“Because the French had a rather minor role in Berlin at that time”, justifies Måns Mårlind to Premiere. “Because at home, things were already really horrible. Same thing for the English. They had such wounds to treat at home already. French and English had a foothold in Berlin, but they did not take care of it too much. Suddenly, the USA and the USSR took all the place. So for us, it was not essential to tell more in depth the French point of view. It was not very interesting. “

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