Shaïn Boumedine becomes an educator in Places [bande-annonce]

“They are not problem children, but children with problems.”

For Placed, his first feature film as a director, Nessim Chikhaoui (which we could find in the credits of Tuche 2, 3 and 4 and from Teddy as a screenwriter) tackles the issue of children placed in foster care: because he has forgotten his identity card, Elias cannot take the tests for the entrance exam to Sciences Po. job while waiting to be able to present himself again, he becomes an educator in a Children’s Home with Social Character. Confronted with an environment of which he does not know how it works, Elias does not yet know how this experience will change his life.

Worn by Shaïn Boumedine, which had been revealed in the two parts of Mektoub My Love by Abdellatif Kechiche, in the role of Elias, Placed includes in its cast other well-known names in French cinema such as Julie Depardieu and Philippe Rebbot. The young singer and actress Aloïse Sauvage is also in the game, as well as Nailia Harzoune and Moussa Mansaly.

Nessim Chikhaoui, director of the film, signs the screenplay with Hélène Fillières. Distributed by Le Pacte, Placed will arrive in theaters on January 12th. The teaser :

Shaïn Boumedine: “Yes, Mektoub My Love was an exhausting shoot, but like any other in fact”

The official movie poster:

Placed - Poster
The pact

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