Shawn Levy dreams of reuniting Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in a movie. Deadpool 3?

Shawn Levy dreams of reuniting Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in a movie.  Deadpool 3?

The director of Real Steel and Free Guy has just signed on for this sequel to the Marvel super-movie.

Cardboard Boxes Free Guy last summer, Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have just teamed up again Adam through timea sci-fi movie “good kid” broadcast since Friday on Netflix. The duo obviously gets along wonderfully: barely this project online, the two men announced this weekend that they would meet for a third time on Deadpool 3, also directed by Levy, who succeeds Tim Miller, and therefore carried by Reynolds. With a place for Hugh Jackman ?

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Before flashing on Ryan Reynolds, the director of Night at the Museum had directed the Australian comedian in RealSteel (2011), a nice little robot movie (including a spin-off series is in the works on Disney+), and since then he has dreamed of reuniting with Jackman on another project. Knowing that Reynolds keeps winnowing Wolverine in Dead Poolit may well be that their reunion will take place on this number 3. Note that this time, the film will be produced by Disney, the studio having bought 20th Century Fox since the release of Deadpool 2in 2018. The screenplay for this new episode will still be signed by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

“I won’t tell you when or how, but I absolutely confirm my intention and my determination to become the lucky son of a bitch who will bring these two magnificent Gods together in the same film.thus releases the director to Comic Book Movie. It will happen, and it will be led by me.” At the microphone of the same media, Ryan Reynolds is on the same wavelength: “That would be great (if Deadpool 3 could be directed by Shawn Levy and worn by Hugh Jackman). I would say : ‘Write Kevin Feige, in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, road to Buena Vista.’ I don’t know where it is, but yeah, that would be nice. It would even be a dream. A dream come true.” Nearby HollywoodReporterShawn Levy also mentioned his wish to direct the two stars, without mentioning Deadpool 3However : “What we would like is to meet all three to do a big bromance, because the world needs a movie with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.”

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