Shin Ultraman: the new film from the directors of Shin Godzilla [Bande-annonce]

Hideaki Anno, creator of the anime Evangelion, is co-director of the film.

A brand new trailer for ShinUltraman has just been released, announcing the film which will finally be released in Japan on May 13 after many delays due to the COVID crisis. This new kaiju-eiga is made by Hideaki Annothe creator of the gigantic animated series Neon Genesis Evangelionand Shinji Higuchiduo who had already worked together for the magnificent shin godzilla. Once again, it’s about a giant monster invasion, and the policy to adopt in the face of this threat… But this time, with the help of the famous Ultraman, extraterrestrial superhero from the nebula M78 and fighting invaders from elsewhere.

In this new film adaptation, he finds a costume very faithful to the original of the 1966 series, unlike the Netflix version of 2019 which had modernized its appearance. The plot, written by Anno, is not yet very precise. Nevertheless, the general background is as follows: unknown giant creatures appeared one after another, and their existence becomes daily. The Japanese government, overwhelmed by events, gathers specialists to take measures against monsters and creates the “Special Countermeasures Office for Monsters” (sic)… which announces the return of Ultraman!

Ultraman: finally a date and a trailer for season 2

The film is notably produced by Toho Company, Khara Incorporation which had also produced the films Rebuild of Evangelion. In the casting, we find Takumi Saitoh – who had played in shin godzilla – as the main character, Masami Nagasawawho played Shobijn in Godzilla: Final Wars, Hidetoshi Nishijima. Well, and when do we see this in France? let’s remember that shin godzilla, the biggest hit in Japanese cinema in 2016, had never been officially released in France, and had only been screened at two French festivals. It seems like ShinUltraman is designed to be screened (in the USA in any case) in the IMAX format; which gives rise to a slight hope of seeing it on the big screen with us… but no info for the moment. To be continued.

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