Shonda Rhimes doesn’t know how Grey’s Anatomy will end

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“If you had asked me that question three years ago …”

Is Grey’s Anatomy is going to end one day? And how ? A priori, Shonda rhimes is best placed to answer this question. The creator of the medical series confirms moreover in Variety that she will take charge of the conclusion of her drama:

“Am I the one who decides when the show ends? Yes! And I would take full responsibility if everyone gets mad at me.”

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However, Rhimes admits that she doesn’t know when it will be, or how it will end: “Will I be the one to decide on the final scene? I do not know !”

And for good reason, despite her position as a designer and producer, the current showrunner is called Krista Vernoff. For several seasons now, it is she who has been pulling the strings of Grey’s Anatomy. So inevitably, the conclusion will also go through it:

If you had asked me this question three years ago, or before Krista arrived, I would have said, ‘Yes, I can tell you exactly how it’s going to end’. But once you get the hang of it, for real it’s another story. So I don’t know how it will end yet … “

However, Shonda rhimes has had time to think about it over the past 20 years … “I wrote the end of this series something like eight times … I said to myself so many times: that will be the end! This will be the last replica! Or the last scene! And everything has already happened in fact. So I give up … “

In the meantime, the indestructible Grey’s Anatomy continues every Thursday in the USA, with its season 18 on ABC.

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