Showeb Series: The Kamikaze series (Canal+) has its first trailer

Kamikaze (Canal+)

“Our plane is crashing. Do what you want. I love you. Dad.”

Slipped into the presentation of the panel of new features announced for the year 2022 on Canal +, the Danish series Suicide bomber caused a sensation during the Showeb Series 2022 with the exclusive screening of its teaser. This one has just been unveiled to the general public, and promises an explosive series on mourning:

Simon Astier presents Visitors, his new SF comedy, at the Soweb Series 2022

Awarded at the Series Mania festival in 2021 with the prize for Best International Actress for Mary Reuthermain performer of Suicide bomberthe series is signed Johanne Algren and comes straight from Denmark. It focuses on the character of Julie, a rich and popular 18-year-old girl whose life changes when her family dies in a plane crash. explosive series, Suicide bomber deals with the subject of mourning and “after” through an initiatory journey started by her heroine, which will lead her to find herself in order to overcome the disappearance of her loved ones.

First European production of HBO Max, the series will be broadcast in France on Canal+ from March 16.

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