Sicario: Josh Brolin wants the third film to be made

“This film is written. And even rewritten. It is there, somewhere.”

Josh Brolin comes back these days in series Outer Rangea western broadcast on Amazon Prime that he shot a few meters from where the Coen brothers had set up their cameras to No Country for Old Men. “For the final scene, when Royal (his character) drove to Autumn (Imogen Poots)she stands in the middle of a streethe tells the HollywoodReporter. Well it’s exactly the same – it’s literally a few meters away – as when Chigurh (Javier Bardem) shot Llewelyn! It was so weird shooting that, for me. I kind of felt like I was reuniting with Llewelyn 20 years later through the character of Royal.”

Talkative, the actor also returns to the experience of Dunesof which he has just read the screenplay of the sequel: “I understand why the first one ended like that. I think it was good to leave Gurney like that. When I saw the film, I wondered: ‘But, where am I?’ It was my first reaction, but I think it was a bit selfish. (laughs)” He also evokes another successful film by director Denis Villeneuve: Sicario. Released in 2015, this thriller had a sequel, Soldado (Sicario The War of the Cartelsin VF), in 2018, this time directed by Stefano Sollima, who obtained good reviews, as well as scores quite close to the original at the box office: 76 million dollars in revenue against 85 million. So why hasn’t the sequel been launched yet, four years later? “It’s on all of our minds, recognize the actor. This film is written. And even rewritten. He is there, somewhere. I think we deserve to do the third, well, provided it’s designed the way we want to do it…”

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