Simon Rex is a Red Rocket in Sean Baker’s new movie [bande-annonce]

This new A24 production was very noticed at Cannes this year.

After Tangerine in 2015 and The Florida Project in 2017, the American director Sean Baker returns to the cinema with Red rocket, selected in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. Actor Simon Rex plays Mikey Saber, a former pornographic actor, who has returned to his hometown of Texas. A return that is not to the taste of the locals, and especially not that of his ex-wife and his former mother-in-law, with whom Mikey is obliged to stay. Penniless, he will resume his little schemes to pay his rent. But a meeting will give him hope for a new start.

Cannes 2021 – Red Rocket: America of the X-ray margins

With this film, Sean Baker signs the “portrait of a loser who becomes the symbol of ultra-liberal America” as the 2016 presidential election plays out against the backdrop.

And if the feature film did not officially win anything at Cannes this year, the writing of First would have gladly given the award for male interpretation to Simon Rex: “He arrives groggy, stoned, his tail between his legs. His doggy look will convince his ex and his stepmom to welcome him for a few days. Mikey is a former pornstar who returns to his native Texas and is looking for a asylum. Gradually, the animal will regain its self-confidence and regain human form. Ultra-white smile, velvet gaze, machine gun chat – impossible to resist him. Mikey is the hero of Red Rocket, but it is above all Simon Rex, gay porn star of the nineties, an ex of Meghan Markle and a model-journalist in his spare time. Under the gaze of Sean Baker, his generous anatomy and his unbearable weakness become the embodiment of ultra-liberal Trumpian America . “

Simon Rex, his doggy look, his blue eyes and his ultra-white smile, are to be found in front of Sean Baker’s camera in Red Rocket, in theaters on February 2, 2022.

CANNES 2021 – The editorial team

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