Single Drunk Female, Life & Beth, Dollface: three comedies that hit Disney+

2022 Disney

In completely different styles, three comic series are to be discovered on Disney+.

Single Drunk Female (already available)

If you don’t know Sofia Black D’Elia yet (Your Honor, The Night of…), you will quickly learn to adore it with Single Drunk Female. The story of Samantha Fink, 28, a huge party girl who regularly abuses the bottle. A very embarrassing event in public will make the young woman realize that she may have a real problem with alcohol. To avoid prison, she must return to her overbearing mother and detox. A seemingly dramatic initiatory journey, but Single Drunk Female takes the opposite direction, preferring to turn to optimism and comedy. By the producers of the series Girls and Russian Doll : a guarantee of quality.

Life & Beth (May 18)

After shining in Judd Apatow’s comedy Crazy Amy in 2015, carried his own series for four seasons (Inside Amy Schumer), toured across the United States with five stand-up shows and co-presented the last Oscars, Amy Schumer returns with Life & Beth. A series where she embodies the so-called Beth, a spirits wholesaler who earns a very good living and is in a relationship with a good man in all respects. Beth arouses the envy and admiration of her former classmates, but this seemingly idyllic existence is shattered when an incident forces her to come to terms with her past. Determined to leave Manhattan, she will have to reinvent herself on Long Island, where she meets John (Michael Cera)… An offbeat and hilarious comic series about a woman in search of herself.

Dollface (season 2 on April 17)

Jules (Kat Dennings, seen in particular in the series 2 Broke Girls and Wanda Vision) gets dumped by her boyfriend after a long relationship. Newly single, she tries to reconnect with the friends she had cut out of her life. He’s going to need a lot of resources to be forgiven… and his overflowing imagination isn’t going to help! Very funny and very rhythmic, Jordan Weiss’ series is inspired by his own life: ” I was in a relationship in college, and I struggled to impose myself and build friendships. After the breakup, ultimately not so far from that of the series, I realized that I had to spend more time with my girlfriends. That’s where the idea came from. » Dollface, whose season 2 arrives on April 17 on Disney+, skilfully plays on the image that we can have of female friendship, and subverts the expectations of the spectators. A great discovery.

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