SKAM France: season 9 is revealed in a first teaser

SKAM France season 9 - first teaser

The iconic series is back this year and will focus on Maya and Lola.

If the SKAM France series was renewed for two seasons 9 and 10 last December, many questions remained about the subject of these seasons to come. Ended on season 8, which focused on the character of Bilal Cherif, there was no hint on which protagonists the following seasons would focus on. A mystery now solved after the release of the first teaser for season 9, and the (very) soon arrival of the episodes of the season on the francetvslash site.

SKAM France seasons 9 and 10 finally ordered

Indeed, January 5 marked the return of the famous series on Francetvslash, with a first teaser entitled Wednesday 6:12 p.m. – As usual, announcing the plot of the season, this time centered around the character of Maya, played by Ayumi Roux, and his relationship with Lola. Because, it had to happen, Maya and Lola separate. It is especially Lola, tired of their arguments, who leaves Maya, reproaching her for always fleeing. And it’s true that Maya has created a shell to protect herself from misfortune. As soon as she feels vulnerable, she takes refuge in her world in which even Mif finds it difficult to enter. But this heartache hits her right in the heart and will force her to face everything she has buried since the death of her parents. If she finally manages to open, will Lola come back?

For ten episodes, the collection director Deborah Hassoun and the director Shirley monsarrat will try to make these teenagers live twists worthy of the name, and to prepare the ground for the tenth season of the series, adapted from the program of the same name of Swedish origin and since taken again all over the world. At the casting, fans will find the well-known faces of Ayumi Roux (Maya), Flavie Delangle (Lola), Abdallah Charki (Redouane), Louise malek (Jo), Sohan Pague (Max), Lucie Fagedet (Tiff), Khalil Gharbia (Bilal), Angela Mac (June), Leo Mazo (Clement) and Olivia Rating (the nurse).

The first episode of season 9 is announced for Friday January 14, and will be followed by an episode broadcast every Friday at 6 p.m. At the same time, extracts from the episodes will be published in real time over the weeks, to develop the psychology of the characters and bring the audience to life. To find on Francetvslash.

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