SKAM France: the date of season 10 on Anaïs announced

Skam France season 10
France TV Slash

The character played by Zoé Garcia will be at the center of the new story.

It’s back-to-school time for teens SCAM France. France TV Slash announces that the first minutes of season 10 will be online from next Saturday, May 7. A 10th season which will be centered on Anaïs (Zoé Garcia).

The synopsis: “Anaïs has been in love with Hugo, her boyfriend for a few months. But one evening, when they come home from a party, drunk, he insists on going upstairs even if she does not feel well. Lying on the bed, Hugo wants to sleep with her but Anaïs doesn’t want to. In a state of amazement, she is unable to stop him when he penetrates her with his fingers… Will Anaïs succeed in putting words to what happened? past? Will she have the courage to confront Hugo? What impact will this trauma have on her life? And how will the sisterhood help her in this fight?”

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A new original season led by Déborah Hassoun and Charlotte Vecchiet, collection directors and produced by Shirley Monsarrat.

Each complete episode, lasting approximately 21 minutes, will be posted exclusively on France TV Slash on Friday at 6 p.m.

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