SKAM France: the end of season 9 explained [exclu]

Skam France season 9
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Screenwriter Deborah Hassoun and director Shirley Monsarrat tell us how they imagined the conclusion of this story between Maya and Lola.

Saturday morning, the whole team of SCAM France was at the Series Mania festival, to meet fans and sign autographs. A few hours earlier, the last installment of episode 10 of season 9 was posted online, putting an end to a new passionate story that caused serious reactions… Spoilers alert!

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Because this last episode goes to the end and therefore shows the end of the break between Lola and Maya. “Maya says to him: ‘I understand’ and that closes this chapter between them. It ends on a healthy basis”explain screenwriter Deborah Hassoun and director Shirley Monsarrat, who we met in Lille.

Analyzing for us this season 9 which made a lot of talk, they first confirm that there was “a very strong desire from many fans, for them to end up together. But that’s not what we wanted to say.” It’s a story of rupture SCAM France has been developing for three months and finally, “we wanted things to calm down between them. Let another form of love take place. Their relationship was very fusional, very appreciated by the fans, so we wanted to keep a strong bond between them. This last scene allows that. To show that there was nothing toxic between Maya and Lola, and that they were just starting a new relationship deep down.”

A strong screenplay choice, which Deborah Hassoun and Shirley Monsarrat assume perfectly, despite the sometimes aggressive feedback from revolted fans: “I don’t regret anything that was offered. I persist and sign on this story!“, assumes Shirley Monsarrat. “At least it helped to show that there was a need in the world for young lesbian couples to be represented, with a need for a fairy tale happy ending. Something that we haven’t exactly given in this season 9.”

And Deborah Hassoun concludes with a certain serenity: “There is a form of happy ending, between Lola and Maya, at the end of this episode. Not exactly what some were expecting, but it was important to go through with this breakup. It was cheeky. We knew it was not going to please. But we wanted to tell this story.”

let’s remember that SCAM France will return soon for a season 10, already filmed.

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