Skyfall: a homo-erotic scene protected by the producers of the film

“The night of the premiere, with just one sentence, the whole room shook.”

A few days before the release of the last installment of the Daniel Craig era in the skin of the famous British secret agent James Bond, the documentary Being James Bond broadcast on AppleTV sheds light on some moments from older films marked with the 007 seal, such as the making of Quantum of Solace or that of Sky Fall.

Indeed, the documentary returns to the creation of Sam mendes, of which Daniel Craig and Javier bardem take on the enemy roles of Bond and Silva. The producer of the film, Barbara Broccoli, evokes in particular a conflict between the producers and the studios concerning a scene between the two actors. In it, the audience is facing Bond, tied to a chair and prisoner of Raoul Silva. the Nemesis agent 007 then asks him “You’re trying to remember your training now. What’s the policy to cover that? Well, there’s a first time in everything, I guess.” What Bond retorts: “What makes you think this is my first time?”

This scene, considered too homoerotic by the studios, however remained in the editing thanks to the tenacity of the producers. “We resisted”, explains Barbara Broccoli. A resistance that paid off, since the night of the premiere, “with this sentence, the whole room shook” she adds. Look at the studio director and “Told you” from Broccoli.

If this sexual tension between the two characters is mentioned in the documentary, this is not the first time that it has been singled out: in 2012, the year of release of Sky Fall, Craig and Bardem were already questioned about the desires of their characters. An indefinite sexual orientation for both, with on the one hand James Bond for whom the sexual division does not exist, and on the other Raoul Silva who “sleep with anyone and anything” according to Daniel Craig. Ultimately, what takes precedence is not the erotic tension, but the impossibility of pinpointing it. Javier Bardem also gives the final word: “You can read whatever you want there”.

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