Smallville: Tom Welling announces animated series, starring Michael Rosenbaum

Tom Welling

With other members of the original cast?

Passed through the Arrowverse, during the crossover Crisis On Infinite Earth, Tom Welling recently resumed his Clark Kent outfit from Smallville. A nice surprise for the fans, but a little taste of too little too. Never mind ! On Twitter, Welling explains that he’s currently working on a new animated series around Smallville, in partnership with Michael rosenbaum, the Lex Luthor of the cult series.

The cartoon Smallville would bring together the original characters and possibly the cast to do the voices.

Michael rosenbaum and I are currently working on an animated series to bring these characters to life and use as many members of the original cast as possible. Don’t tell anyone though. It’s a secret. We are still working on it. “

Obviously, we assume that the series will pick up where it left off after its last episode, at the end of season 10, in 2011 …

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