Smithers will finally have a boyfriend in The Simpsons!

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The next episode of season 33 will mark the first homosexual love story of Mr. Burns’ right-hand man, told in the series.

It’s a historic moment that happens in The Simpsons this Sunday: Waylon Smithers will finally be entitled to a love story! In the episode of November 21 (season 33), the right arm of Mr. Burns will appear with his very first official boyfriend.

Even if in the past, Smithers’ sexuality has never been really hidden and if we know him some conquests over the episodes (Suart, Grady …), the character did not officially come out until 2016, from the pen of screenwriter Rob LaZebnik, inspired by the experience of his son Johnny. It is thus the duo (father and son) who wrote this next historic episode of Simpson, in which Smithers will meet fashion mogul and billionaire Michael De Graaf (played by Victor Garber, the former d‘A.k.a and Legends of Tomorrow).

The Simpsons Smither season 33

“Being able to work with Johnny on this is like a dream. I can see how funny and talented he really is.“, comments Rob LaZebnik in The New York Post, which reports the info. Johnny LaZebnik continues: “I know my dad is a comedy writer. I grew up with him – obviously I know he’s a funny guy. But actually, sitting down and writing jokes with him was so much fun! And there were times I would say to him, Daddy, this is disgusting – you can’t put that on TV. “

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Smithers and his private life will therefore be at the center of this new history of Simpson, and this is the big step forward: “A lot of times homosexual romances are a subplot or are brought up or shown in some sort of montage or as a punchline. But then we’re going to be able to see the beginning, middle, and potential end of a gay relationship. really getting to the heart of the matter of how a gay love story unfolds. How they meet, what it’s like. It was really special for me to be able to highlight characters that aren’t punchlines , which are fully formed. “

In France, all Simpson can be seen on Disney +.

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