Smoking makes you cough: Quentin Dupieux finds Anaïs Demoustier for his new film

Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Lacoste, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Oulaya Amamra will also be in the cast.

The indefatigable Quentin Dupieux has already started filming Smoking makes you cough, which will be his eleventh feature film, the first shots of which began on September 9 in the South of France. It is to continue until October 29. Produced by Hugo Sélignac, also producer of Mandibles, the film will be distributed by Gaumont.

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Entitled Smoking makes you cough, this new film will bring together Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Lacoste, Anaïs Demoustier (already seen in At office), Jean-Pascal Zadi and Oulaya Amamra in the shoes of a vigilante commando, the “tobacco-forces”. Other regulars at Dupieux’s cinema, such as Alain Chabat, the Palmashow duo or Benoît Poelvoorde, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Doria Tillier, Blanche Gardin and Jérôme Niel will also be showing. Alain Chabat was previously filming the title Incredible but true, just like Anaïs Demoustier, always for Quentin Dupieux.

Incredible but true: Quentin Dupieux is already shooting his next film, with Alain Chabat and Anaïs Demoustier

About this new achievement, Hugo Sélignac told the magazine French film that was “a comedy with crazy artistic ambitions”. He adds : “We had planned to produce this film for a platform because it is heavier (5.5M €) than its previous ones. But it is ultimately in the cinema that it is edited, and we are very happy about it”.

If the shooting is due to end soon, no other details about the film have been given, apart from its synopsis: to recreate a cohesion in this group of vigilantes which is disintegrating, their leader suggests that they meet at the opportunity for a week’s retreat, before returning to save the world.

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