Snipe! : Meeting with Emeline Bayart, Bruno and Denis Podalydès

The film crew gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation of the film.

France 3 invites us to spend the evening in Brittany, with two unseen films in clear: Roxane, worn by Guillaume de Tonquédec, then Snipe!, directed by Bruno Podalydès. To be patient, here is a video meeting with part of the cast of this family comedy.

Interview of June 21, 2018: Before he even went to the movies, Snipe! at controversy among the Bretons. Present at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, First met the team of this tender comedy, namely its director Bruno Podalydes and two of his actors: his brother Denis and Emeline Bayart, who plays the main role of Bécassine. The director returned to the way he proceeded to write the characters for his feature film: “Apart from Emeline [Bayart] who I thought about while writing the screenplay, for the other characters I didn’t immediately think of the actors. That way I had more freedom. If you think of an actor too early, when it comes time to shoot you are already a bit bored because you have already imagined what he could do.

Interview and editing of Nicolas Bellet

Bruno Podalydès responds to the controversy around Bécassine

A few moments later, Emeline bayart confides not knowing that his character was controversial. “I had a very precise image physically of Bécassine, but I did not have in mind the dusty image that obviously a lot of people have. And it’s a shame because Bruno [Podalydès] so did not stop there. On the contrary, he made him an extremely poetic, extremely modern character, who is fascinated by the automobile, who is fascinated by the inventions of the moment, who is always full of enthusiasm, full of wonder and I find that these are magnificent values ​​that must be kept and tried to share with children. “

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