Snowpiercer season 4 kicks off filming with an Agent of SHIELD

Coulson agents of shield

The science fiction series will also change its showrunners for the sequel.

There’s a new driver at the controls of the loco Snowpiercer ! While the finale of season 3 is online on Netflix today in France, we learn that season 4 will launch its production these days. And it will be under the direction of a new showrunner.

Paul Zbyszewski takes over from Graeme Manson and Aubrey Nealon and resumes the job of head writer for season 4 of Snowpiercer. “The Season 3 finale is the culmination of multiple storylines, with unexpected twists around every corner, and leading into an exciting fourth season with Paul’s vision and creative storytelling continuing the show’s incredible momentum.”comment Manson and Nealon when handing over, while Zbyszewski specifies having “planned a fourth season of Snowpiercer exciting, and I can’t wait to be on set with the cast and the entire crew, as we continue to explore new worlds, create new mysteries…”

Above all, the new showrunner will find an old acquaintance: former producer of the Marvel series Agents of SHIELDhe just signed the ex-Coulson from the MCU for season 4. Clark Gregg board the Snowpiercerin an as yet unknown role.

As a bonus, Michael Aronov (The Americans) also joins the cast for the next episodes.

Season 4 of Snowpiercer will be seen in 2023 on Netflix in France.

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